Related Projects

The Renew Jordan Creek project is only one part of a big picture planning effort and other large-scale improvements in the downtown area. Other projects include:

logo: grant avenue parkway community engagement

Grant Avenue Parkway

The Grant Avenue Parkway will create an off-street pedestrian and bicycle pathway along Grant Avenue between Sunshine Street and College Street, in the heart of Springfield. The 3-mile stretch will connect downtown Springfield with authentic Springfield experiences and further connect parks and recreation amenities. The route includes a downtown loop that includes Main Avenue, Mill Street, and Boonville Avenue – the three streets at the perimeter of the Renew Jordan Creek site.

Forward SGF

Forward SGF is the City of Springfield’s new Comprehensive Plan. The planning process is currently underway. The Forward SGF Comprehensive Plan will be a tool used by the city to direct future growth and development and make policies and decisions that shape our region.

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan, Forward SGF includes planning for catalyst sites downtown, including the open space on the south side of Water Street between Boonville Avenue and Main Avenue, and the south half of the block north of the project site between Main Avenue and Campbell Avenue. The planning work for these sites, all of which are controlled by public owners, will occur concurrent with Renew Jordan Creek planning efforts, and will identify appropriate and achievable development scenarios that interact and complement the daylighted creek.